Annual Conference 2021

The theme of this conference focuses on the advantages collaborations and partnerships offer. Working with a partnership through networked institutional or organisational arrangements, even between individuals, can result in increased impact. The conference theme explores the challenges of this form of working, before highlighting opportunities and the work ahead. The conference  program can be downloaded from this site. CNTA will upload pod and select video casts of presentations from this workshop.

Registration for the CNTA annual conference is now open, through Eventbrite. In the COVID environment, all attendees must be registered, so please do this beforehand.

Annual Conference 2020

The CNTA 2020 Annual conference was held at Queen’s College, the University of Melbourne, on 6-7 February. Our theme this year was “Culture and Native Title: Making the most of Emerging Opportunities.”

As in previous years, CNTA placed a high value on opportunities for small group discussion of key issues in the practice of native title anthropology. For the first time, CNTA in 2020 was able to record presentations and to provide the matching power point. However, in some cases an audio recording was not made but a text or Powerpoint of the presentation is available.

Cameo Dalley: Women In Native Title

Dalley Presentation Women In Native Title.Pdf

Nic Peterson: Culture and Native Title

Peterson Culture And Native Title.Pdf

David Martin: Culture and the High Court in the ASIC vs Kobelt case

David Martin Presentation Culture And The Courts.Pdf

Di Smith: Anthropology’s Law – culture and native title compensation

Di Smith Presentation Compensation.Pdf

Sue Meaghan (DPC): Cultural Loss; issues for negotiation of compensation settlement

Sue Meaghan Dpc Cnta Conference – Cultural Loss.Pdf

Mini Panel session

Bruce Martin (ILSC): Land & Water: Aspiration & Opportunity

Bruce Martin Presentation llsc.Pdf

Kevin Smith: Native Title Compensation: NNTC Proposed Resolution Framework

Kevin Smith Presentation.Pdf

Kevin Keeffe: Redrawing the Regions: Opportunities and Challenges in the current policy landscape

Kevin Keefe Redrawing The Regions.Pdf

Susan Philips: Final Thoughts