PBCs & Trusts

In this new section, we will progressively upload information relevant to the design and management of Prescribed Bodies Corporate, and the matters that they are responsible for – in particular, those relating to managing Native Title and managing compensation funds.


Podcasts and videos about PBCs

Common mistakes in PBC design and operation \ Pdf of Powerpoint: Dr David Martin: Common mistakes in PBC design and operation: anthropological insights Short Paper on consultation: Paper Substantive Consultation  

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Resources relevant to Prescribed Bodies Corporate

Links to relevant websites The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) has conducted research on PBCs over many years. Information on AIATSIS’ PBC/RNTBC research can be found on the AIATSIS website. As discussed on that page, surveys of PBCs were conducted in 2017 and again in 2019, and there are some […]

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Workshop on managing Trust funds, May 2021

Trustee corporations and their Indigenous beneficiaries: meeting challenges in the sustainable utilisation of trust funds. Presentations from a workshop held in Alice Springs, 27-28 May, 2021. This workshop focussed on the governance of compensation and other such funds held in trust for Indigenous groups, not on the internal governance of RNTBCs and other Trustee corporations. […]

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