Native Title Compensation

Compensation and redress in SE Australia

In this recently uploaded videocast and podcast, anthropologist Courtney Boag of First Nations Legal & Research Services (FNLRS) interviews Melbourne based QC Sturt Glackin and anthropologists Wendy Asche (consultant) and Mick O’Kane (FNLRS) on the topic of compensation. The panel explores how compensation claims may be developed in the more densely settled regions of Australia. […]

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Resources relevant to Native Title compensation claims and related issues

CNTA-commissioned presentations relevant to NT compensation claims The following comprises podcasts and video recordings of both CNTA workshops and commissioned presentations of particular interest to those working in the developing arena of Native Title compensation. Compensation and redress in south-east Australia Courtney Boag in conversation with Sturt Glacken QC, Wendy Asche and Michael O’Kane Summary: […]

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