On the 9th of September 2023, Anthroprospective and the Centre for Native Title Anthropology teamed up to host an evening for close to 50 people for discussion and learning as we explored the intersection of ethics, advocacy, and expertise in the field of anthropology in Australia. An esteemed panel of experts delved into the complexities of the discipline and shared insights on how anthropology can contribute to important social issues facing our society today. Panellists were Dr James Rose, Professor David Trigger (CNTA Director) Debora Lanzeni and Natalie Araujo. Courtney Boag conceived, organised and facilitated the event at Collinwood House in Johnston Street Collingwood.

The event catered to a broad audience of academics in the field of social science and members of the wider society who have little to no understanding of anthropology and the diverse roles that anthropologists play. In presenting to such a diverse audience, our intention was to promote the discipline widely as a way of leveraging the value of the social sciences in a time of crisis in Australia for disciplines such as anthropology, often under threat in the university system. The discussion led to a stimulating conversation around what it means to be human in a rapidly changing world.

Following the end of formal discussions, guests enjoyed a beautiful grazing table supplemented by a choice in wine.



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