CNTA’s 2022 Annual Conference has the theme Protecting and managing the Indigenous Estate, and will be held from 9-11 February. Originally, it had been intended that sessions would be conducted simultaneously in venues in Cairns, Darwin, Perth and potentially Canberra, while being available at all sites and beyond them through Zoom. However, in light of recent Omicron events CNTA has decided to proceed with a zoom-only conference instead of a hybrid one.

Sessions on each day will vary in timing but be between:
NSW/ACT/VIC 12.00-17.00 QLD 11:00-16:00 SA 11.30-16.30
NT 10.30-15.30 WA 9.00am-14.00pm

Further information including an agenda and a registration form can be found on the Annual Conferences tab on this site.